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COVID-19 Information

Fortifying your immunity and maintaining good health in the Time of Covid-19

Building a Strong Immune System 

Your immune system is your first line of defense. We will be your partner in strengthening your body's immunity: 


  • Nutrition counseling and Lifestyle recommendations

  • Cardiovascular Training

  • Body Composition

  • Social Distancing enforced

  • Hormesis

  • Vestibular Training

  • Stress Reduction

  • Training for all fitness levels and abilities

  • No shared equipment

  • Safe, sanitized environment

Maintaining Good Health & Managing Comorbidities

Your body's many systems require consistent stimulation to function optimally. The old adage "use it or lose it" applies to every system of your body. Working together, they will strengthen your body's ability to withstand illness, improve your quality of life and extend your years.  

  • Strength

  • Endurance

  • Balance and Coordination

  • Mental Wellness

  • Hormonal balance

Of the comorbidities listed by the CDC, many of them are largely within your control with good lifestyle habits:

  • Maintain a healthy weight 

  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels

  • Manage Stress

  • Adequate rest

  • Getting regular exercise

  • Hormesis (applying good stress to the body to fortify the body's systems)

Be an active participant in your health, for yourself and for our community.

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